Santa Catalina Mountains Owling Field Trip


Elf Owl. Photo courtesy of Jeremy Hayes and Tucson Audubon Society

Monday, April 9

Start and end time:
4 pm – 10 pm


Maximum participants:

Provided box dinner

Trip Leader(s):
Jennie Macfarland

Trip Description:
Southeast Arizona has an amazing diversity of owl and caprimulgid species including Whiskered Screech-Owl and Mexican Whip-poor-will. This trip will explore the different habitat types as we travel through the various elevations in search of as many species as possible. Please bring a flashlight and your binoculars. Flash photography discouraged, though photography is very encouraged.

Likely species:
Western Screech-Owl, Whiskered Screech-Owl, Great Horned Owl, Elf Owl, Lesser Nighthawk, Common Poorwill, Mexican Whip-poor-will.

Recommended Gear and Cautions:
Moderate. A few short excursions on gravel roads/dirt trails. Bring a flashlight and water bottle, as well as wear appropriate shoes.

Additional Information:
Owling in Southeast Arizona


Click here to return to the main field trips page for the complete listing of all excursions being offered.

Lesser Nighthawk. Photo courtesy of Alex Badyaev/

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