Downtown Parking


Parking downtown can be confusing and expensive, so we encourage you to avoid having a car, if possible, during the week of the conference. If you pay for parking through your hotel, it will be expensive (parking at the Hilton Hotel is $30/day). If you have a car downtown for three or more days, there are less expensive options, including public garages, public lots, and metered parking on the streets. Here’s a link to the website with all the information:

The public lots and garages all charge $1.25/hour and several are open 24 hours a day. That comes out to $30/day if you pay per hour. The better alternative would be to purchase a monthly parking permit for a given lot or garage, which would be good for the entire calendar month (June 1-30). The best options for our conference would be:

  • Chinook parking lot (J on map) at 3rd and E, which is close to the Hilton Hotel and two blocks from the Egan Center. Cost is $55/month.
  • Cohoe parking lot (I on map) at 3rd and E, which is just across the street from lot above. Cost is $65/month.
  • Street parking along Delaney Park Strip (K on map) along 10th Avenue. This is a few blocks farther but less expensive. Cost is $50/month.
  • Street parking in areas 1-4 (L, M, N, R). Cost is $55 (R) or $60 (L, M, N)/month.

Permits for public parking garages are a lot more expensive and require a $20 administrative fee plus a monthly charge:

  • 5th Avenue (G) and JCPenney (F) for $95/month.
  • 6th Avenue (E) for $105/month.
  • 7th Avenue (D) for $110/month.

These garages would be less expensive than daily charges ($30/day) only if you were to stay 4 or more days downtown. Note that daily parking expires at midnight, so you’d need to renew the daily parking permit at midnight via the mobile app (available through EasyPark website).

You can also park on the street at 10-hour parking meters for $1.25/hour from 9 am – 6 pm around the periphery of downtown, but those meters are all first-come, first-served. Street parking overnight is free. There is a parking app that allows you to pay by phone, including adding time to the meter. You don’t want to park at closer 2-hour meters ($1.75/hour) because you would have to move your car at least 1 block away every two hours or you’d get a ticket, even if you’d paid for the space.

Note that the monthly permits are for a given lot or garage and are not interchangeable (except that those in the Chinook lot can park in the Cohoe lot on weekends, when the Chinook lot is occupied by the outdoors Saturday Market).

To obtain a monthly parking permit, go to and register for an account. You will need to fill out an agreement for parking and return that to them. They will then issue a physical permit, which you can pick up from their local office downtown when you arrive:

440 B Street
Anchorage, AK  99501

Any of these options will be less expensive than hotel parking if you need to park for three or more days.