eBirding Competition


The AOS annual meeting in Alaska means a lot of ornithologists in proximity to a ton of great birds, including a lot of potential lifers for many of us, and plenty of daylight for great birding, too! To have some good fun with all of this and with each other and contribute to citizen science in Alaska, AOS has organized an eBird competition for birding around the Anchorage area. In a nutshell, you just need to upload three shared checklists to eBird during the meeting (i.e., three checklists that each includes at least two people who birded together). Everybody that uploads three checklists will be entered into a raffle for fabulous prizes! So no need to be an uber-birder ⁠— everyone can participate, and anyone can win. Just find some friends, go out birding, and share your checklist with each other and with user “AOS2019.”

Detailed Instructions

This “competition” is open to everyone, and to win you don’t need to see the most birds or get the most lifers ⁠— you just need to get out birding with one or more friends, and together submit three (or more) checklists during the conference. Here are the details:

  1. If you don’t already have an eBird account, go to eBird and sign up. You might also want to go to the appropriate store for your phone/device and download the eBird app so that you can enter your list on the go. The dates of the competition are 12:01 AM on June 24 to 6:00 PM on June 28.
  2. During the conference, meet up with some friends and go out birding at least three times. Upload an eBird checklist for each time out.
  3. IMPORTANT: Although one person will upload the list for your group, it needs to be shared with everybody that birded together. Also share your list with user “AOS2019” (this is how we keep track of the lists submitted for this competition).
  4. Everybody who has their name on three or more submitted checklists will be entered into the drawing for the prizes!
  5. The drawing will happen at the closing reception. No need to be present to win, but you will want to be at the reception because it will be a lot of fun!

Helpful hint #1: Don’t consider yourself to be a great birder? No worries, anybody can win! Just find a friend and go birding….

Helpful hint #2: Don’t know the birds of Anchorage area? Download the Merlin app to your phone and instill the Alaska Birds pack to create a customized bird guide with photos, maps, descriptions, and sounds of the birds around Anchorage (and other areas of Alaska).