Social Media Policy

AOS is passionate about ornithology and wants to promote ornithological research through our social media channels that support our mission. AOS maintains active accounts on twitter (@AmOrnith), Facebook (AmOrnith), and Instagram (@AmOrnith). We share news and information about ornithological research without bias and give credit to researchers whose research we post about.

AOS follows an opt-out social media policy, in which individuals must opt out if they do not want their research to be shared. AOS can share published research via our social media channels without consent. AOS also offers its members a chance to share research that AOS may not be aware of via our social media channels. Members who wish to utilize this service must fill out a form with the relevant content to be shared and giving AOS permission to share the content.

Research presented at conferences can also be shared via social media by AOS or conference attendees unless the presenter(s) has opted out of social media. Photos of slides and materials at conferences can be used in any social media channel unless the presenter has opted out by placing a no social media icon (an example can be found below) on their slides or materials. It is up to individuals (speakers/presenters) to alert people what they do *not* want posted, whether it is content, pictures, or something else. If a presenter uses the no social media icon, we ask that conference attendees respect the individuals’ (specifically speakers/presenters) wishes to help protect the privacy of both people and their research. However, we acknowledge that preventing conference attendees from commenting or live tweeting is extremely difficult and not a role or responsibility of AOS.  

To help audience members during conferences, we recommend that presenters include their personal or project social media handle on every slide to encourage sharing and allow for easier networking. For those without a personal or project social media handle, consider including the conference hashtag or a social media icon such as the twitter icon to let people know that you are supportive of others posting.

Opt-out Social Media (Twitter specific) Icon:

Social Media Comment Policy

Anyone may participate in the conversations on AOS’s social media channels. In order to encourage civil communication, the following policy applies to all postings on AOS’s social media channels.

AOS reserves the right to delete posts or comments containing spam, irrelevant remarks or items that do not align with the mission and integrity of the AOS. Personal attacks, promotion of violence, promotion of illegal activities, offensive material, or profanity will not be tolerated and will be deleted immediately. AOS reserves the right to ban users who violate this policy.

AOS encourages our members to participate on our social media channels and we hope these rules will facilitate a lively and respectful conversation about birds and ornithology.