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The 2019 AOS conference will host a suite of thematic symposia sessions that focus on specific concepts in ornithology and its sub-disciplines, and timely or emerging topics in basic and applied research. Symposia emphasize the theme of the conference, Celebrating Connections: Birds without Borders. 

Plans are still being finalized for the meeting schedule.


Half and Full-Day Symposia provide an opportunity to bring together invited experts to share their results and experience related to a new or timely topic in ornithology.

Lightning Symposia include sessions throughout the conference that combine a collection of 5-min talks that focus on a specific topic or theme.

Listed below in alphabetical order based on title.
Friday, April  13 | All Day  Advances in the use of citizen science data for conservation and management Nicole Michel, Tim Meehan, Brooke Bateman, Joanna Grand, Kathy Dale, and Geoff LeBaron
Friday, April  13 | Morning Avian Reproduction and the Thermal Environment Carl Lundblad
Thursday, April  12 | Afternoon  Avian-solar interactions: Understanding and responding to impacts on birds of an emerging clean-energy industry Tom Dietsch and Robert Diehl
Friday, April  13 | Afternoon  Bird community turnover and global change along tropical environmental gradients Daniel Karp, Cagan Sekercioglu, and Scott Robinson
Saturday, April  14 | All Day  Desert birds in peril: research and conservation challenges in northern Mexico and the southwestern United States Alberto Macías-Duarte, Jennifer Duberstein, Chris McCreedy, and Sallie Hejl
Wednesday, April  11 | Afternoon Early Professionals Mini-Talk Symposium Sara Kaiser, Emma Greig, Nicholas Mason, Jay McEntee, Scott Taylor, Chris Tonra, and Ben Winger
Thursday, April  12 | All Day  Ecology and Conservation of Birds Breeding in the Great Plains of North America Adam Green, Erin Strasser, Chris White, Angela Dwyer, Luke George, and Maureen Correll


Thursday, April  12 | Afternoon  Ecology, evolution and conservation implications of molt-migration Chris Tonra and Jared Wolfe
Thursday, April  12 | Evening  Forty Years of Finding Birds in Southeastern Arizona Susan Sferra, Jennie Duberstein, Carol Vleck, and Kathleen Groschupf
Thursday, April  12 | Morning  Genomic approaches to understanding adaptation and diversification of birds in biodiversity hotspots Jane Younger and Sushma Reddy
Friday, April  13 | Afternoon  Humanity for Habitat: Success stories for birds and people Susannah Lerman and Peter Marra
Saturday, April  14 | Afternoon  Science outside the vacuum—bridging the gap between science and conservation Joanna Wu and Brooke Bateman
Saturday, April  14 | Afternoon Setting regional priorities for research and monitoring bird populations in the face of uncertainty Auriel Fournier, Evan Adams, James Lyons, Randy Wilson, Jeffrey Gleason, and Mark Woodrey
Wednesday, April  11 |  All Day  Tackling the impacts of free-ranging cats on birds and people Pete Marra, Scott Loss, and Chris Lepczyk
Wednesday, April  11 | Afternoon Underlying Mechanisms of Avian Hybridization Rebecca Safran and Scott Taylor